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Encuentro Milonguero

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the Concept

Tango Encantado how and why

Encuentro Milonguero

"Tango Encantado" is an Encuentro, as we conceive it, that realizes the characteristic sociality of the Tango of the embrace joining participants of all nationalities and all ages in a special location where already at the exit of the panoramic elevator we come kidnapped by the musical notes, in an atmosphere of other times, bringing to life emotions translated into hugs and complete dedication of the Leader to his own Follower.

Codigos of the Milonga
Small rules - great empathy


  1. Observe the other pairs so that everyone can enjoy a social tango, keeping in mind that this is not a performance.

  2. Dancing in a pleasant, closed embrace, respectful and comfortable.

  3. Take care of your personal hygiene so as not to disturb your partner

  4. Follow the direction of the dance anti-clockwise.

  5. The Leader do not to step backwards.

  6. Avoid lifting your feet too far from the floor, to avoid hitting other dancers (hooks, volei ...).

  7. Invite to dance using the classic "Mirada e Cabeceo".

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