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Phone: +30 340 6025171 (Franco)
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Engagement Rules


Dear Follower and dear Leader,

if the idea of living a "Encuentro Milonguero" in an enchanted location attracts you, WE will be waiting for you to welcome you in the "Embrace Club" with your registration to the "Tango Encantado" Encuentro so you can live and share every moment and every emotion that will be born and, as a unique jewel, keep them in the "SCRIGNO del TANGO".


Contribution as registration fee € 125.00 (one hundred twenty-five / 00) per person

The package is unique, it is not possible to partially access the event



It includes:

  • Participation in "Tango Encantado" Encuentro with over 25 hours of music managed by international Tdj
  • Free water station in ballroom
  • Sweet coffee break (coffee, tea, pastries, fruit ...) to Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, with waiter
  • Midnight Salty buffet composed, in an exemplary form, by juices, soft drinks, sandwiches, flat bread, hot croutons,  savoury pie, small toast..., on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sunday early at 21:30), always with waiter
  • Guided tour of the Castle
  • Entrance to the SPA & Wellness  in a shift of 2h30 reserved for Milongueri
  • Membership Card "EL CHOCLO Embrace club"

      best favor conditions reserved for Milongueri: 

  • BAR point open all night, cost the consumer as far as not included in the coffee break and Midnight Buffet
  • 10% discount for lunch or dinner "à la carte" to "Ristorante-Pizzeria Fucina"


Registration information:


In this Encuentro Milonguero we provide a balanced relationship between leaders and followers, as well as between international and national guests, selecting the participants and then we ask to understand that we can not automatically accept all the recordings. The number of participants is limited to 350 dancers.


It’s possible to register as an individual or as a couple (please fill in a separate form with a separate email address for each person).


Personal data are used for the sole purpose of the release of the mandatory card.


After you have successfully submitted the form, your registration will be confirmed by an automatically generated e-mail your name will be added to the waiting list.
You will receive a personal reply within ten days and if your registration is accepted, payment instructions are enclosed. We ask that you provide to pay the contribution within ten days, if it does not you will lose your place and you will need to register again.


After receiving the registration fee (in case of registration of a couple we wait for the reception of both registration fees), we will confirm your participation with a final "confirmation of participation".

WARNING: Do not book tickets and accommodation before having received the "confirmation of participation"

For organizational reasons, the refund of the participation fee is only possible until August 31st,  2018 and will be reduced by € 20 .- (twenty / 00) for administrative expenses..

To register, please use the form below. Please do not register twice - if needed write to info.tangoencantado@gmail.com

Registration will start

June 4th,  2018 at 09:00 p.m.

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